Rockhound - The Series

In this three volume series, ‘Rockhound’, we’ll explore what it means to collect minerals in the skarns and pegmatites of the Canadian Shield. We’ll visit forgotten settlements and ghost towns and I'll show you the famous mining camps of Cobalt, Eldorado and Gowganda. Directions within the ‘Rockhound Series’ will lead you to little known deposits that yield some amazing world-class specimens. When you apply what you’ve learned in the ‘Rockhound Series’ you’ll find crystals and minerals in a diversity of species that will astound you. Spilling from your pockets will be amazonite, tourmaline, zircon, gold, silver, coltan, beryl, fluorite, titanite and more.
Whether you’re a hard-core collector or a casual enthusiast, ‘Rockhound’ will take you where you need to go and show you what you never believed possible in the mines and forests of the north.

Rockhound - The Series

  • An Experience of the North


    We’ll visit the fabled Eldorado Gold Mine and I’ll show you to Ontario’s silver rush where 420 million ounces of silver was recovered. In the rock just north of Toronto you’ll learn how to find gem feldspars, huge zircons, titanites and lime green prisms of apatite.

  • Opening the Treasure Chest


    We’ll explore Ontario for rare and elusive crystals. I’ll show you where there are pockets of quartz crystals near Parry Sound and zircons near Arnprior. Just north of Kingston I’ll show you where there are incredible fissures of sea-green fluorite and mines with magnetite octahedrons.

  • A Geography of Collecting


    You’ll learn of an abandoned sapphire mine near Bancroft and find barrel shaped corundum crystals beneath Robillard Mountain. I’ll introduce you to the exciting possibilities of coltan elements and down a ghost road we’ll explore for lustrous galena.

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  • Finding Peristerite at Crystal Lake

    At Crystal Lake’s abandoned uranium mine I explore the tunnels and point out radioactive minerals. Along a nearby creek Jeff and I unearth beautiful peacock-blue peristerite. It comes from the seam within the mine. You will be stunned at what we found.

    Discovery of gem-tremolite at Grace Lake

    At Grace Lake just north of Wilberforce we spend a day extracting lime-green diopside and beautiful spines of transparent tremolite. This video shares the secret of finding more specimens just like the ones we found.

    There’s Still Gold at the Abandoned Eldorado Gold Mine

    The Eldorado Property is still said to hold a layer of rock that's rich in gold and silver. In this video Kim Woodside shows us the original discovery where a single small cavern yielded 3000 ounces of gold and a lump of gold the size of a butternut.

  • Cave Exploration

    Exploring the claustrophobic confines of the Wasteland Waterway Cave near Hamilton Ontario.

    Finding Crystals at Bear Lake, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

    Bear Lake is one of Ontario's classic mineral collecting localities. You can find titinite, apatite, feldspar and hornblende here in deep calcite trenches.

    Rockhound - Finding Fluorite Crystals in Madoc, Ontario

    Exploring abandoned mines near Madoc Ontario for gem quality fluorite.

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